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Ambulance and Vehicle Cleaning Service

“Red clean” level decontamination for any affected vehicles.

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Every healthcare system in the world is dependent on the education, experience and reputation of their staff.

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EMT / Paramedics – Ambulance Operations

Ambulance Operations


EMT / Paramedics – Ambulance Operations


  • The review of pharmacology and drug interactions was much more comprehensive than I expected.


  • Some of the vehicle operation tips we learned increased our response time by 25%. I can’t believe we built in extra steps we never really needed.

    Jeff Blake

  • I like how the course was taught. Boston Global EMS “competency-based instruction” meant the instructor could tailor the course content in a way that I learn best.
    Rebecca Martins
  • The instructor to student ratio during my lab work was very helpful in learning new airway techniques

    Gregory Newman