Boston Global EMS is proud that you are taking the step towards certification in the field of study you have chosen. Your test is performed at the authorized Site you are located at with a Proctor. The Proctor has their passcode information that is required for you to take the exam. All exams are property of Boston Global EMS and may NOT be reproduced, copied, made note of, or transmitted in any form or by any means. In an event that it is found that communicating test information has been done, the person doing so will have their certification voided.

To continue to the Testing Server, click the button below. You will need to JOIN and put in the required details of yourself. EMR completion certificates will be issued at time of passing the exam for printing. All other certifications will be issued directly from Boston Global EMS.

EMR testing through your school has been arranged prior through your instructor.

EMT and Paramedic testing require prior notice directly with Boston Global EMS.