EMT/Paramedics – Creating an EMS System Center of Excellence

When developing and implementing as well as maintaining an Emergency Medical system, effective communication and teamwork is essential for the delivery of high quality, highly effective and responsive patient care. Communication failures are an extremely common cause of inadvertent patient harm.

The complexity of medical care, coupled with the inherent limitations of human performance, make it critically important that early responders and clinicians have standardized communication tools, create an environment in which individuals can speak up and express concerns, and share common “critical language” to alert team members to potential initial patient safety issues.

Boston Global EMS sees the EMS system as a crucial player in the patient care eco-cycle. Ineffectiveness at the initial point of care renders more challenges for healthcare providers in the care supply chain. This is why Boston Global EMS has partnered with a renowned EMS System agency that has developed an EMS system assessment and redesign process that helps local and regional cities redevelop their EMS system into a Center of Excellence.

This program’s primary goal is to define the recommendations and interventions that will enable each city to design, operate, train and manage their own local EMS professionals to maintain an exemplary EMS system that meets all international early response standards.
The Boston Global EMS system Center of Excellence development program has been designed in two phases:

  • PHASE 1 » Current EMS System Audit – 4 days 360° Overview – includes ride-alongs
  • PHASE 2 » System Review, Analysis and Recommendations

Includes Staffing levels, Equipment, Communications, EMS management, System operations, Potential growth areas, Facilities, Call and Data Analysis, Funding, System marketing and outreach